Monday, September 30, 2013

Is It Weird?

Is it weird that I look at October with such glee? As a child looks at Christmas? This is my month, My rebirth. Take back what it took from you. Take it for what it's worth. Take back your stroke month.

I replay what happened in my mind. What I can remember at least. I try and replay every move I made this month. Everything that happened. Everything that could have changed my path. And then, about mid month, when the feeling of this had to happen sets in, I exhale, I breathe, I give thanks. This had to happen to me. I am happy it did. I am happy today! 3 YEARS A SURVIVOR! 3 years strong. I pledge this month to my Dad who survived a stroke 12 years ago, to little Ava, who hasn't yet reached 3 years old, to Stacy, who just had her first child, to David, who is recovering and finding his footing, to Heidi, who survived open heart surgery, to everyone who shared with me and continues to walk with me through this journey with stroked out hand and foot. I thank you.
You inspire me.
You are amazing.
You are a survivor.
Take back your month!

October, I Hate To Love You

I hate to love you,
Leaves that change,
Beautiful colors,
Stimulating to the senses
I thought I lost,
You are a reminder,
Of what was taken,
Of what I took back!
I love to hate you,
I remember,
What you want me
To forget,
I remember,
I can remember,
I won't forget.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Film Is Going To Be A Web Series!

In October of 2011, the first scene of a full length play I wrote after my stroke was made into a short film. Since then, it has success in over 20 film festivals and even winning awards in 2! It is a constant affirmation that I can achieve my dreams. F you stroke! I'm still winning! The end of October, beginning of November marks my 3 years a survivor anniversary! I can't think of a better way to celebrate good health, continued recovery and awareness than by filming this web series and continuing to live well because after all, everything I do is dedicated to the survivors out there. I am living proof that life doesn't end because you have had a stroke! We may be different post stroke but I like to look at us as being under construction. Nothing wrong with a little transformation after all the caterpillar had to turn into the butterfly so I try and look at my post stroke self as a transformation. I don't have a word for what it is that I've turned into yet but I'm working on it :) What other animals transform? We need to work on a name for us!

When I think about it, I probably wouldn't have been doing this had it not been for the stroke. I wouldn't have signed up for that Playwriting class. I wouldn't have pushed myself to write this post stroke. I wouldn't be in Grad School for Playwriting. I wouldn't be standing there in that picture with that glass trophy. This is another reason I am so thankful for this stroke. You never know what path your life will go on with a bump in the road and I am so happy with the bump. Granted, as you know, recovery was no walk in the park (haha true literally and figuratively) but I am stronger for it. 

I wanted to share the Crowd funding campaign I am taking part of to get this series off the ground. It is for the people, funded by the people! Please consider contributing if you can by donation and we love tweets. We have a Facebook fan page where you can keep up with all the happenings and our Twitter @docket32357 is pretty active. I am also on Twitter @misseljon

Check out our Seed and Spark campaign here We will be updating every couple of days with fun little sneak peeks to what we are working on. October can't come soon enough! 

This is for you dear strokies!