Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Switching Doctors

My Primary Care doctor relocated to another state. I knew this was coming. I received a letter maybe 2 months ago and it felt like a bad breakup. "How could this person do this to me?" I thought. Doesn't she realize that without her, I don't think anyone else will understand me? But sucks and now I have to go through the process of finding someone else who will take my post strokey problems and not treat me like a lab rat. Not that I don't love being looked upon as someone special, I do, we all could use some of those glances every once in awhile, but if something is ailing me, I don't want to have to hear "very interesting" coming out of your mouth every two seconds. Just help me. My Mom is getting on my case about getting a new PC. I haven't been able to get past that letter of abandonment. I know it's not personal (duh) but I would have liked a good personal recommendation for someone else to go to instead of receiving the generic I'm out piece of paper.
So the hunt begins! I'm sure I will have some good stories :)

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