Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brain Games

So this just goes to show you how long I have been blogging. In the almost 3 years (whoa) I've been posting, I've written about brain games for the Nintendo DS and iPod games such as Bejeweled and now I have to say it.......the new game I am endorsing for being good for your noggin is none other than friggin Candy Crush. I know!!!! Addictive, addictive addictive and I'm not just saying this because I need lives right now but this game is good for your brain! It requires thought to solve puzzles and come on, that music? Totally relaxing.

I sound crazy right now, don't I?

Yes, yes I do but even still, you can't deny it's good for your brain. Maybe not so much for your eyes (screen gleam) but that's another post for another blog :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Swim Ava Swim Fundraising!

Everyone remembers little Ava, the youngest little stroke survivor I posted about in May.

Her family is raising money for an Aquatic Therapy pool. Please help this beautiful little girl get the therapy she needs to move forward with her recovery. No donation is too small!  Swim Ava Swim!

If you would like to know more about Ava and her story, click on this FB page and like! Ava's Facebook Page

Has It Really Been So Long?

Has it really been so long since I've blogged? No excuse!!  How is everyone doing? I hope you have all been staying cool this summer. With record temperatures sweeping the U.S., it's so important that we all stay hydrated and healthy.  Have any strokies noticed changes in their speech with the weather change? Granted everyone is a little slower in the summer months, we walk slower, take time to smell the flowers and are just generally more relaxed but I don't know, I feel like my brain operates on dial up during this time of year.

I've also been thinking about brains after 40. (This is a very random post, I know.) Brains start to deteriorate after 40 or so. While this is normal, what does it mean for strokies who already have some brain damage. Who will I be once I turn 40? And after 40? This has weighed heavily on my mind (stroke joke) these past couple of days. Short term memory loss is normal at this age, so what about those of us who struggle with this already. Does that mean that we won't have it because we got smacked with it already or will it get worse? So far I've been reading that we can do brain boosting exercises which we should be doing anyway! In my research, I found this article from 2010 that still holds true today. Check it out The Talents Of A Middle-Aged Brain

and be well!