Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Men, Eat Your Chocolate!

According to a new study posted in Neurology Magazine Online, eating moderate amounts of chocolate has proven to lower stroke risk in men. In this study, men who ate the largest amount of chocolate, about a third of a cup of choco chips per week had a lower risk of stroke (about 17%) compared to those who didn't have any choco. Can't this be true for women??? I want chocolate, haha!

This beneficial effect of chocolate on stroke may be related to the flavanoids in the yummy treat. The study used milk chocolate as opposed to dark...something that I find equally as interesting. The study was supported by the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research. Mmm, Swedes and Cocoa, kind of like Ebony and Ivory!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Is It Too Late For Physical Therapy?

During a spirited game of "Tag", I tried to grab my boyfriend's foot with my right hand before he pulled it away and could not. I was just too slow. I tried this several times and my right hand just wasn't fast enough to catch his foot. I tried one time with my left hand and was able to catch it. This made me realize even more that I should have done Physical Therapy for the right side of my body. It was definitely a wake up call to see that my right side isn't as fast and strong as I thought. I was in shock for a minute and then wondered if I was still a candidate for Physical Therapy.

If you recall, I refused Physio when I was in the hospital still under the impression that nothing was wrong with me. I now realize that I was stupid and just reacting to my situation. If I do decide to go to treatment, is there even a possibility that it will do me some good at this point almost 2 years since the stroke? Is it a mental ailment or a physical one? Mmmm.

Hollyshorts Film Festival

I had the pleasure of attending the Hollyshorts Film Festival in LA last week to see the film I wrote, Docket 32357. In addition to this being a feat unto itself, I shed quite a few tears once the lights went down and I saw my work on the big screen. Certainly I was prepared to see the film on screen...after all, that's what I was there for, but I wasn't prepared to see it come on first! There was that nagging feeling in the back of my head about whether or not people would like it. I figured there would only be a handful of people, most all of whom I knew, clapping at the end but I was very happy to hear folks talking about the film positively during its run and the resounding sound of applause at the end.

I wrote this right after my stroke so this piece is my heart. I don't know if I will ever have as strong a connection to any other thing I write. It was so therapeutic to be able to flesh out these characters. Whenever I would feel frustrated with myself and what was going on within me, I wrote. Words came slowly but as I mentally got better, so did the piece. It healed me. I still had a creative edge, that that part of my mind wasn't gone.

When we got up to participate in the Q and A portion of the Festival, my knees almost gave out. I was so nervous. I definitely felt the right side of my body give a little and became aware of the slight weakness I had. Thank goodness I didn't stutter when I was asked a question! I am so thankful and blessed to have experienced this. I can't wait for the film to be shown in more festivals. I walked away feeling so inspired and feeling like I could do anything! It makes me even more excited to start Grad School at the end of the month.