Tuesday, February 3, 2015

When People Think It's Your Fault

Last night, a friend and I were talking about strokes. I mentioned someone who reached out to me who had one a few years back and the immediate reaction was: What was she doing wrong? This made me really upset. Lately, I've found that the immediate reaction to a young person having a stroke is well what did this person do wrong? Why would that be the first thing that enters your mind? Is it because the person is young? Is it because you don't see the face of stroke as the face of a young person?

As a survivor, I know this can be upsetting but the key to this train of thought is to learn from it. How can we change the minds of those who were raised with this mentality? Education is one way. Remove the stereotype or at least try to make a dent.

Last year, I saw so many advertisements on stroke and young people having stroke. I feel like they came and went and were maybe just put up for a second to quell the needs of folks like myself who have voiced an opinion. I can only hope that educating young people in Health class in High Schools will pave the way. Stroke should be part of the conversation there, not only as a health risk for their parents, but as one for themselves. With strokes on the rise for women, especially those on the pill, education has to start in the classroom for girls on the cusp of becoming sexually active. Jumping the gun? No, just preparing the youth so they can have the resources and education they need if they are ever faced with that situation. Well, there's a good idea. Who can I talk to about instituting that?

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  1. I really like was u said and u r so very right u don't have to be old to have a stroke or be doing something to cause it I know from personal experience of that fact. The beginning of 2016 I was 30 years ago and expecting my 3rd child I had a history of migraines and of being on the pill in the past. In March of that year 15 weeks into my pregnancy my water broke and I lost my baby in the process of grieving over the loss of my child June of that year I started to have terrible headaches and seizures which I had never had a history of I went to the doctor over and over they kept telling me I was having migraines it didn't feel like migraines something was different the headaches continued for weeks I was put into the hospital they kept me for 5 days sent me home told me it was migraines less than a week later I woke up not being able to move my left side I had no idea what was going on the thought of a stroke had never cross my mind there was no one with me that morning I fell and pulled myself through my house to try and get help I called my husband from work told him to come on something was wrong when you got to me he immediately called the ambulance they flew me straight to a hospital when I got to the hospital they was it thinking it was some kind of drug overdose and said that I had to have been doing drugs and that's what caused me to have a stroke at my age I told them they were wrong I wasn't doing drugs I had no history of it they continued to say it was drugs after 10 days in the hospital they couldn't tell me why I had a stroke they can't control my headaches they couldn't control my blood pressure I asked to be transferred to a different hospital when I got to the other Hospital within 24 hours they told me what it happened to me they had done an angiogram and told me what was causing my headaches and what had caused the stroke was that the vessels inside my brain had constricted and I wasn't getting enough oxygen and blood to my brain they also told me that by the time I had gotten to them I had already had another stroke not as severe as the first one but they started me on the right medication they got my blood pressure under control and they controlled my headaches as best as they could I asked them what caused it to happen why did my blood vessels do that they told me it was a combination of having a history of migraines a history of birth control pills and a recent birth of a child all of that combined together was The Perfect Storm for my stroke

    you don't have to be old to have a stroke they told me I was a miracle to live through it....... when multiple things in your history combined together can make you have a stroke and you did nothing wrong Strokes don't know an age and because the first hospital tried to blame me for what had happened saying I had did something wrong because of my age almost costed me my life just because you're young does it mean you can't have a stroke no it doesn't you can have a stroke at any time and young girls need to know that being on birth control pills gives them a risk of having a stroke I never want anyone to go through what I had to go through

    Thank u

    Tasha Perkins