Monday, February 2, 2015

Friends Finally Meet: Meet Carrington

Since I've started blogging almost 5 years ago (Wow!), I've had the opportunity to converse via email and sometimes phone, with brave strokies from around the world. It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to connect with these wonderful inspiring individuals and I can't tell you how much they have taught me. Despite going through 1 stroke or FOUR (yes, four), they've carried themselves with an incredible grace and good nature that folks who haven't gone through a medical condition don't seem to possess. I am continuously floored by their bravery and hopeful spirit especially on days when I am not feeling my best.
I had my first email exchange with the beautiful Carrington in 2013. She had 4 strokes on the left side of her brain. I have officially nicknamed her badass. Her doctors didn't recognize this at first and sent her home instead of admitting her. Her story echoes so many of ours. Being young strokies, doctors fail to recognize signs in us. It's one of the things I still get mad at and so does Carrington. We texted, we emailed but never met since Carrington doesn't live in NY but then last week, I got an email from her saying she was going to be in the city with her husband and wanted to meet.
You guys, I don't get thrilled by just anything but the prospect of getting to meet another young strokie, especially one who I had been in touch with for a year, made me grin from ear to ear. I can't explain it but there is an indescribable bond I felt when I met her. We both had tears in our eyes and couldn't stop talking. Apologies go out to her dear husband who sat by very patiently while we talked a mile a minute about blood thinners, shots, numbness and our love of liquor. From the picture on the right, you would think we both won the lottery haha. She is hugging me with her dominant arm and I am hugging her with my dominant arm. These small little jokes are just a few things that made us laugh in our short time together. Words can't express how much this meeting meant to me. I am so grateful I got to meet her in person. She's just as beautiful outside as she is inside.
Carrington is almost two years into her recovery and is still on the hunt for what caused her strokes. If anyone has a stellar neurologist they would recommend in the DC area, please let me know!
Be well!

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  1. Totally understand how that goes...! After my first and I could (literally) not walk Cedars sent me home saying "there is nothing more we can do for you". I was told later by a professional who looked through my records that they had thrown everything but the kitchen sink at me to remedy my symptoms but as nothing worked and they needed the bed they just kicked me out. Of course within the day I was back but at a different hospital and they knew within an hour I'd had a stroke. No doubt the sending me home from Cedars was b/c I was in my mid-20's. It just didn't occur to them. EVEN THOUGH I'D COME STRAIGHT FROM THE CHIROPRACTOR'S FLOOR! Fantastic that your friend is so healthy after FOUR!! Kudos :)!!