Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Health Insurance Surprise!

Today feels like Christmas. I just found out that my health insurance carrier (that I pay $658.53 a month for!!) just added my old PCP to my plan. YES!! I can go back to her! You would think I just won the lottery. No more going to an old dirty office where I feel like I might catch something. No more getting to know another doctor. It's like dating isn't it? I can go to someone who is familiar with my history and will know how to treat me instead of staring at me awkwardly asking a barrage of questions that have nothing to do with why I came in.


Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield IS THE WORST HEALTH CARE PROVIDER Ever.
I have been trying to get in touch with a supervisor or get a straight answer from this insurance company for weeks now and I am getting conflicting reports. Yes your doctor is in network. No she's not in network. Which is it?
I'm on twitter now trying to get in touch with someone to help. This shouldn't be this hard.
I even sent a screenshot showing that they are saying my doc is in network and they're still telling me she's not. So why do you have this as an option?
Get it together, seriously.

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