Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

By now, your hangover is gone, you're starting to get reacquainted with your liver and trying to stay good with those resolutions you made a few days ago. For me, my resolutions remain the same and they will until they come to fruition. Every year, I set large goals. I might complete some of them, to complete all of them would be impossible BUT I do get closer to them becoming a reality.

This year, let's not put unnecessary stress on ourselves. We all know what stress leads to, right? Can we all make a pact to be good to ourselves? I am guilty of not doing this. I suck. Truly. I overbook myself. I try to SQUEEEEEZE every last drop out of every single day and write and work like it's my last day on this earth and I can't do that this year. Towards the end of 2014, I found myself slipping into old habits like I did pre-stroke and if there's one thing that experience taught me it's to listen to your body, so I'm listening. I'm taking me time.

I hope you have an amazing year filled with good health and the know to listen to your body when it speaks to you. We all have that gift of hearing our body speak to us but the voice can sometimes be low and get lost in our lives. Shhh, listen this year.

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