Monday, September 26, 2011

Holistic Dangers?

This weekend my Mom showed me an article in the Reader's Digest about the benefits and risks of home remedies or natural remedies when it comes to illness. Many times, I know because I am guilty of this too, we often self diagnose ourselves and try to solve our issues without going to a doctor. Now, I'm all for using herbs and things to try and get rid of colds and aches and pains before shooting off to a pill or doc but reading this article makes me think twice.

When I was having my stroke, I self diagnosed. I first thought I was having indigestion or some kind of heartburn. I took to the internet and did things like eating an apple and having some yogurt to try and ease the pain in my chest I attributed to some Italian food I had eaten earlier in the day. BUT on the flipside, when I called the emergency doctor line, a pompous Doc named Doctor Foo, the same Neuro who told me nothing was wrong with me, told me I was fine and to see my Primary Care Doctor that Monday.

Mmm, sometimes I guess both options fail. But still, especially when dealing with stroke, you can't take neck pain lightly. Something in this article struck me in particular. Never ever ever let a chiropractor touch your neck if you are in pain. They may make the issue worse especially if you are in danger of having a stroke. They can make the dissection worse and cause you more harm. My neck tingles just thinking about it! The article also spoke about some folks who overdo it on holistic or natural remedies. It cited one man with rectal cancer who od'd on carrot juice and actually worsened his condition. This makes me so sad. Many times we try so hard to fix ourselves that we end up doing something to make it even more horrible. I'm not going to lie, I probably would have done the same thing.

Just something to think about. Look at both sides of the coin before going crazy on one or the other.

Be well.

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