Monday, December 26, 2011

Ambien For Treating Strokes?

I was watching Rock Center With Brian Williams this evening and happened to catch an interesting story about a man named Sam Goddard who suffered 8 strokes. Yes, you heard me, 8. His family was told that he would be a vegetable but little did they know that Sam was in there! He was unable to speak but Sam's fiance, did her research. Sally used Ambien to treat her fiance after hearing he would most likely have the mental capacity of a child.

Against the doctors advice, Sally gave her fiance Ambien and the results were remarkable. His speech slurred but he was talking! That is AMAZING!!! The Ambien only lasts in hour increments but wow! It's his miracle drug. No one in their hometown is willing to help Sally and Sam with the Ambien dosage. I guess they don't want to get sued but why wouldn't anyone want to get in on this? Look at the evidence! Zolpidem is the active part of the Ambien that seems to be helping stroke victims with communication. I wonder if they are isolating this chemical and seeing if this can be made into a drug by itself. This is mind boggling (no pun intended). It makes me so happy. Watching the segment tonight made my heart smile.

Imagine, you're in a coma, you can't speak but you understand and hear everything that is going on around you....Imagine someone telling you you'll never speak again and there is a slight possibility you can. Wow.

Click here to watch Sam Goddard's Story

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