Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Beautiful Broken Brain Doc

Happy 2016 strokies! I hope you're all doing well and thriving. My friend sent me a link to a documentary on a young woman's journey to recovery from her hemorrhagic stroke.  It debuts on Netflix on Marth 18th. I am SO EXCITED to see it. It is another way to further drive home that young people have strokes. I have always said, awareness is key and this is a powerful way to help bring that to the masses.
As soon as I heard about this, I shared the trailer with fellow strokie and friend, Carrington. My excitement can only be compared to hearing about a new Star Wars film. Yes, that's how excited I am to see this doc. I won't say too much more except check out the trailer here 


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  2. 12 years stroke (hemiplegia) survivor.
    I had the greatest shock of my life when i had a cardiac arrest 12 years ago and slumped into comma. I was in comma for a year and three months before i was able to open my eyes. I stuttered with speech and and i noticed i could not move the full right side of my body my hands and legs this was when the doctor told me i had stroke (hemiplegia). I was bedridden and kept in a wheel chair when i need to move for 10 years more and it became worse because i started having memory failure i hardly remember anything. The condition was debilitating and even my neurologist could not help me with his several therapy. My wife came in one day with a medicine she got from a herbal doctor she wanted me to start taking that i will be okay, i was reluctant because i had given up already and was waiting for my death day. she talked me into taking it telling me how much she love and cares about me and how she and the kids are gonna miss me. I took the medicine for 3 months as recommended and my condition improved i was able to walk and move those parts affected by the stroke and today i have fully recovered after 12 years of horror. Do not die because of ignorance you too can be well again. just contact him on for more information on about it and how to get his medicine. thanks for allowing me share my story.

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  4. Hey Eljon!
    We're just finishing a doc featuring 4 different stroke survivors. It would be great if you could attend our event in DC.
    You can find out more about the project and RSVP to the event at: