Monday, June 20, 2011

The Good Die Young

This is more of a reflective post not concerning stroke but concerning life.

Yesterday, I was saddened to hear of a friend's brother's passing. He was only 33. Healthy, young, full of life and taken. His heart simply stopped. Isn't that something? It just stopped. You think you can prevent anything by eating healthy and taking care of yourself and then life throws you a curveball. I often think that at this age, we are too young to die but when I really get down to it, when I was younger I was saying the same thing when my parents or aunts or uncles had friends pass...They were in their 30s so it really shouldn't come as a surprise to me that these things happen. You can die. You're not invisible. You can break.

We often think that nothing can touch us, that nothing can happen or that it happens to someone else and never to us per se. I don't know...I guess it's moments like these that make us open our eyes if not for just a moment so we can slow down and just be. Ignore the perils of everyday and just pause and recognize that we aren't untouchable and to cherish each and every moment.

Seriously...stop and smell the flowers.
R.I.P. Peter...When I think of you, I always see a kind smile on your face. You will be missed.

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