Sunday, August 14, 2011


I recently went the lady parts doctor to make sure the plumbing was working as one should do once a year and started to talk to my doc (who is FIERCE btw, her name is Dr. Audrey Buxbaum NYC) about whether or not I would have difficulty conceiving because of my stroke.

She told me I didn't have a lot of options in terms of birth control, because of hormones, I can never take anything with estrogen ever again...everrrr. She did offer me several options without estrogen including something called Para Gard. This is an IUD free of any hormones, zippo 0% hormones, nada nothing. Sounds cool right? I don't know. While I am not a fan of IUDs at all, this seems to be my only option. It pretty much looks like a T wrapped in copper...ew. Copper s actually naturally found in the body which is an interesting fact. I'm just not sure I want additional copper in my body from something in the shape of a T!

I was talking to a friend yesterday about IUDs and she said that in Canada, you can't even get one unless you're 35. This definitely does not point me in the direction of getting one of these. What more is out there for stroke vics who want BC and can't take anything with hormones?

We also spoke about family planning. Now, because of clots, I may not be able to house mini-mes. Pregnancy is a natural coagulant so you can only guess why this would be an ish for me. We all know how I feel about Lovenox, the shot I had to take twice a day. I can't do that again. I'm far too big of a wuss to stab myself in the stomach twice a day again and certainly not for 9 months!

The good doc provided me with the number of a center in midtown. Wait time for an appointment is a month because apparently they sift through cases and see who is a good match for the patient. I don't want a family right now but I'd like to think that children are down the line at some point. You can never be too early in getting all your information, right?


  1. Since having two life-threatening stroke, the first at the age of 29, my motto is to not judge others. I know this is your blog and your opinions, but I feel like you are putting a negative spin on a wonderful option for many women. I had my son and then six weeks later had an ischemic stroke. I had a Para Gard IUD inserted after my first stroke. It took literally three seconds and I didn't feel a thing. My doctor checks it twice a year at my regular visit to make sure it stays in place. Copper is naturally in our bodies which made me feel better about my doctor inserting it into my body, as opposed to taking "natural" birth control pills, which I was on for over ten years. The most important part for me is that I don't have to worry about a condom breaking or forgetting to take a pill. Since I am on Coumadin, (and you CANNOT get pregnant on this drug without horrific side effects to the fetus), I had few options.

    I too had to inject myself with Lovenox shots after my second stroke at the age of 30. IT WAS NOT PLEASANT. I know this is difficult for you to understand because you are not YET a parent and I do BELIEVE that it will happen one day for you. But shooting myself up with an anticoagulant is the SMALLEST sacrifice I will ever make for my unborn child. For me, it will be worth it. Worth all the pain, bruising, soreness, pain, tenderness, pain, did I mention pain? IT WILL BE WORTH IT! Until my son was born, I wasn't even sure I wanted children. After he was born, I decided I wanted a dozen. If I am lucky, I will have just one more. If I am really lucky, I will live long enough to see them with children of their own.

    But all of this is just my opinion. Go out and get all the information you can and make a good decision based on what you read, hear, see and most importantly base it upon how you feel. Good luck and be well.

  2. Hi Ms Stack!

    What was your second stroke caused by? I'm still gathering info since I just went to the doc last week. Did you have to take Lovenox throughout the entire pregnancy? You are an automatic HERO from that. Giving yourself injections is NOT easy. Just the thought of it makes me queasy haha.

    Thank you for your story. :)

  3. Even though my stroke wasn't caused by a clot (well kind of since I had a dissection WHICH caused the clot) I have the fear too, can this happen again with a pregnancy?! I went and saw my nurse practitioner and she said I too can't have any birth control ever again. She gave me the option of the IUD also. I decided against it because even though it has zero hormones I would just feel better being 100% completely natural. I did some research and have found that women can have a stroke actually giving birth! The pushing can cause a dissection! I asked about a c-section instead of a vaginal birth and she though that it would be a valid reason. So I guess I will cross that road when it comes...

  4. i haD a massive stroke at 29, while pregnant....I became paralyzed on my left side and 5 months later still woking on my left arm.. what was your recovery like?

  5. Hi Amanda! My recovery was frustrating at times and I find that even two years later I am still learning and getting better. You always hear that recovery is a life long process and I am a firm believer in that. I can sit here and confidently say that I'm at 80% recovery. My right side is still a little weak but that's ok. When I think of everything else that could have happened, I am just lucky and thankful that that is all that is still lingering. Do you know what caused the stroke?