Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Grateful I can still hold 
a crochet needle in my right hand.
This day last year I was at work talking to several different family members and friends. I remember that vividly. Work became more stressful as I'm experiencing now. October is very busy here. I was definitely stressed. I remember getting about 8-10 boxes of work stuff and just thinking that I needed a break and couldn't do it anymore. Maybe the one thing I did positively that day was pause and say, I'm not unpacking these boxes, I'm going to wait, I need to breathe.

Something I picked up while I was stressed at work was crocheting. I was a wiz at it in college and made the occasional blanket and scarf here and there. I started to keep a ball of yarn and needle by my desk and even though I didn't have much time during my breaks, I would do one or two stitches. Doing something as small as that was a comfort to me and even looking at the bag helped me.

Lesson Learned
Remember to take time to talk to your friends. Pick up the phone. Texts cannot compare to the sound of a person's voice.
Crocheting-not just for nerds and grannies

Small Victories.

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