Saturday, October 29, 2011


Grateful I can still
run my fingers through my hair.
I lifted many boxes at work. I felt a crick in my neck and chalked it up to pulling a muscle. Since I was so busy in the past weeks, I decided to get my hair done and meet up with some friends after work. Hair dyed and blown out, I felt great. Renewed and refreshed. Neck still hurt but I was pre-occupied with the feeling of having commercial worthy locks.

Lesson Learned
Don't wait until you're in dire straights to beautify yourself a little. Even doing something for yourself as small as a blowout will make you feel better. There's only one you, why not have it be your best you! I'm doing things to beautify my outer as well as my inner. Even slapping a coat of polish onto my nails myself helps me after a long day.

Small victories.

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