Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm Looking For You!

Are you young and strokey?
Have you suffered a stroke at a young age? Are you looking for a place to tell your story and get support?

Comment here! I'd love to hear you story. We're in this together! Let this be a community for you to share your experience and inspire others :)

Coco the Clot
Although dangerous to us, she carries a sign
indicating self-loathing.


  1. Hey there Eljon!
    My name is Judy - my daughter, Rachel (19), suffered a stroke after her second surgery for brain tumor removal on March 5th of this year. I am SOOOO happy to find your blog! I've looked back at some older posts, but can't find your age (p.s. - I'm a computer moron...I'm sure there are ways to find this info, but hell-if-i-know...). We would like to know a bit more about you, if possible, and would love to share our story with you.
    I also read your blog on your fear of regaining health insurance - I may have a solution for ya.
    Thank you SO much for creating this blog - it has already inspired so much hope for myself and my daughter - keep it up!!

  2. Hi Judy!

    I had a stroke when I was 29. I am now 31. Email me! I would love to hear your story. I hope Rachel is doing well now. :) You can see my story from the very beginning on the right hand side of the blog, just click on 2010 to start. Looking forward to hearing from you!