Friday, March 30, 2012

Bringing Stroke Awareness To My High School

My BFF Marie and I at
Prom circa too long ago
When I posted about bringing awareness to others about strokes in the month of May, I couldn't help but think of my High School. With strokes being very common in women under 65, it is so important now than ever to educate our youth!

I recently received one of the Alumnae newsletters from Cathedral High School and took that as a sign to offer to speak. I was so excited dialing the school's phone number. I think the secretary could feel me smiling through the phone. Today I spoke to Alice, the school's director of Gateways to Health and she invited me to speak to some students in May (whoo hoo Stroke Awareness Month!) I can't wait! I already have somewhat of a Powerpoint Presentation with pictures ready and set to go!

I love taking this experience and making it into a positive!

Small victories!

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  1. Let me know when and I'll see if I can take off! We still look the same! ;)