Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Annual Neurologist Visit

That's actually a lie, because an annual visit would imply that I went last year....and I didn't and it's not because I didn't want to go! No one told me to go. Wait, that doesn't sound right either. Ok, ok, in my defense, I asked my Primary Care Doc if I should go see my Neuro and she said not necessary but when I went to see her last week for my annual, she said maybe I should pay her a visit.

Of course this makes me nervous. Why do you want me to go if I didn't have to go last year?! WHAT CRAZINESS IS AWAITING ME ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT ROUTINE MRI?? Well, it's probably nothing and I'm freaking out for nothing but still...why would you say to go back if you told me not to go back before? I'm lucky that I love my Neurologist, Dr. Cardiel. She's the best. She puts you at ease and doesn't lose patience with you, especially if you are a repeat offender of phrases. I am not sure what it's like in other Neurologist offices but with hers, you don't feel like you're in a Doctor's office, you feel like you're in a lawyer's office. Once you enter her space, it's leather seats, a dark wooden desk, frames of degrees, and no examination table. It's like being on an interview...for your brain. If she deems it necessary to examine you, you're taken to a separate clinical looking room. I can't recall where that one is...did it open up via secret wall, or a door off to the side. I want to say secret wall but that's just because I think secret walls are awesome!

The soonest appt. I could get is for May. The woman is popular! I'm telling you, she's good! If you guys need someone and live in the NY area, look her up! It's so important to have a doctor who puts you mind at ease and treats you like a person, not a cash cow.

Be well!

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