Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sea Water Therapy

courtesy David Roberts Photo
Many of us have read about the positive results that come from water therapy, how it soothes sore joints and increases flexibility especially for those of us who have lingering issues post stroke. When I was in Grenada two weeks ago (ugh can't believe it's been that long ago. I want to go back!!) I was very much looking forward to getting to the sea, immersing myself in that beautiful blue water and letting the salt lift me up on my back. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had separate plans for me!

There was a tremor in Trinidad the morning I landed which caused fairly big tidal waves in Grenada. We were technically on tsunami watch for the whole week so my plan of being in the water was hampered by my bad timing. That wave you see in the pic was one of the ittty bitties compared to what I saw earlier that day. I tried going in, thinking I could take it. What are a few waves? Well, after almost getting my bikini torn clean off my body, I figured it best that I stay on shore. Rocks even shot out of the water and into my foot causing a bleeder! Geez Grand Anse, all I wanted to do was love you!! Haha

On the day I left, and we all know that this is what usually happens on vacation, the water calmed down. Waves were down to a whisper and I was able to finally bathe in the sea properly. My Dad decided to come in with me, an extra special treat, and we both floated on our backs looking up at the cobalt blue sky ignoring the pain we have in our arms feeling weightless and relaxed.  It was the perfect end to my trip. Next time you're near a beach, go into the water and allow yourself to let go. See what it does for your joints and muscles.

Spring better come soon NYC!

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