Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Annual Neuro Visit

Ok, so I've been bad. Like bad in the sense that I haven't been going to see my Neurologist every year for my annual checkup...I know I know don't shoot me! First of all, I wasn't aware that I had to roll up there every year. I asked my Primary Care and she said I didn't although I did have a lingering feeling that hey, maybe I should go and say hi, get checked out because you can never be too safe, right? But then again, this is my fault, I should know better especially since I've been saying to you guys to get checked out no matter what....bad Eljon.

But I did finally go. I love going to my Neurologist's office. She's amazing. I didn't expect to hear anything out of the ordinary during my visit but did ask about the lingering little side effects in my right arm and she did tell me that if my strength didn't return by now that it wouldn't return so...kind of sad small bummer. This means I'm not going to be able to have lucrative careers in such fields as...sports. I always wanted to be a baseball player and since I throw and bat righty, I can kiss that goodbye. Professional cheerleader will also be tossed out the window with this. No one wants a cheerleader who lifts one pom pom up faster than the other. DAMNIT!! I guess surgeon is out and so is anything else revolving speed and precision with my right hand.

I know I'm joking right now but it was a bit sad hearing that from her. I always thought that by some little miracle, my right side would come back 100% but hearing the words from her kind of stung. Again, it's ok, I know there are worse things that I could have been left with and I am so blessed and grateful to only have a slight lingering weakness in my right side...still, hibachi chef still would have been on the top of my list of things to aspire to be.

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