Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Show Me Your Stroke Ink!

Happy New Year Fellow Strokies!

I hope your 2014 started off happy and healthy. For readers in the warmer parts of the world, please send some sun to NY! We could really use it.

How have you chosen to celebrate your stroke? I know. Really, Eljon? Celebrating your stroke? I stand by that statement. When going through recovery, you have to remember, you're getting to know your new self! So why not celebrate it? No matter what you have lost due to stroke, remember that you are a warrior. I read something in class that struck me and I think it applies to this situation. "Ask anyone who has ever changed a career, ended a long-standing relationship, or recovered from a serious illness or injury; they will tell you it is like a death, a dying of one's former self so that a new self may be born in its stead."Have any of you felt like that?

Recently I've been getting some emails about my stroke tattoo and have been encouraging readers to send me pics of their beautiful stroke ribbon ink. Below is Nicole's new stroke tat and her description of her body art. She is a two time stroke survivor.

The meaning of the purple cross-spirituality and courage. These are things that hit home for me, plus it's my son's favorite color. If it wasn't for him, I would have given up my fight. He keeps me going. I chose blue so it would tie in with the other two colors. -Nicole

Remember to speak to your doctor if you're going to go down the path of getting a tattoo after stroke. For me, I had to wait until I was off Warfarin for a few months. Blood thinners and tattoos don't mix. Seriously. You don't want to go to the hospital after getting freshly inked because you're bleeding out!

Please send me your pics if you have a stroke tattoo and I'll happily post them.

Be well!



  2. I just passed my 6 month mark from my stroke in Sept 2013. I'm ready to commemorate my recovery with a tattoo!

  3. Congrats Sharon! Send me a pic when you get yours. Looking forward to seeing it.