Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Beautiful Gift...

Yesterday, I went to pick out some new frames downtown. I was trying on pair after pair squinting at the mirror since I am blind as a bat without my own when an old man walked in the store. He asked if someone could help him with his prescription. As soon as he spoke, my ears perked up. He sounded EXACTLY like my grandfather who passed away in 2001. I didn't turn around. I just listened to his voice and looked in the mirror with a pair of frames I had tried on carefully trying to make out his silhouette as best I could. He even looked like my grandfather. I kept hoping that he would keep talking and then just as quickly as he appeared, he left the store leaving a big smile on my face and a warm feeling in my chest. After 13 years, I was able to see and hear my grandfather again!

I know this isn't a stroke post but it's something that truly made my heart smile. Just a reminder that sometimes the greatest gifts can come from the unknown...

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  1. I enjoyed reading this short anecdote of yours. My mother too passed away almost more than 20 years back, but i can still hear her voice, mimicking people, fighting with my father, singing a beautiful lullaby to my sister's children etc. I miss her very much, and often feel I did not spend much time with her when she might have needed us.
    I am happy for you, you got your gift, cherish it.