Sunday, November 25, 2012

Staying Warm In The Cold Post Stroke

So one thing I've noticed after having the stroke and being on blood thinners is that I am very sensitive to cold temperatures. In the winter, I am slower, my right side definitely feels weaker, and the chill in the night air gets to me even more than it did before. At first I thought it was just me and maybe what I was feeling was all in my head but upon research, I found that it is actually common.

Right when I was able to walk more than a few blocks in 2010, I went to Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing store, and was just poking around window shopping. I came across clothing they had called Heattech. This thin, lightweight clothing is designed to absorb body moisture and generate heat when your bod gets cold and IT WORKS! I first bought a tank top and used that, skeptical that it wouldn't work but sure enough it did. This could be just a comfort thing and it may not work for everyone but if there's anything that brings a small bit of relief, I welcome it.

I passed by the store again this weekend after feeling kind of numb on my right side (thank you Winter) and bought a pair of Heattech leggings and a long sleeve Heattech shirt, hoping that it helps my right side to keep up with my left. I highly recommend this to anyone who has cold sensitivity due to stroke. It really makes a difference. Anyone who suffers from this problem knows that relief makes all the difference in the world, especially with this long Winter ahead of us. Uniqlo doesn't know how much of an impact it has had on me in these cold months.

I am thankful :)

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