Monday, November 26, 2012

I Get Frustrated When...

I get frustrated when I say I can't remember something and someone says "I remember things when I was a little girl and you can't remember something from 3 years ago?"
I respond "It's not my fault. I had a stroke."
The person's response is always "There you go with the stroke."
It's not an excuse, it's MY REALITY. I get sick of people saying "There you go with the stroke." I can't remember! 

I think it's sometimes hard for people to accept that I am a changed person and that certain things don't come as easily to me as they would to others especially for those who didn't go through recovery with me. I know it can be difficult to accept that a person who you have known your whole life has gone through a brain injury but, it's just as hard for us to not have our feelings hurt when you say things like that. It's enough that I have moments of private pain from this, I don't need friends or family saying things like that to cause more.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish some folks were a bit more sensitive, that's all. 
This is my gripe for the night :)


  1. I can't believe people say that! That's awful! I hate it when people say that they forgot that I had a stroke (not quite 2 years ago) - and they frame it like a compliment, because "you're doing so well!" or "I can't tell from looking at you." I can't forget that I had a stroke - maybe others don't notice the deficits or know what they are, but I notice, every single day.