Thursday, January 31, 2013

Embracing The Senses

So tonight, two of my classmates came over from Collaboration class to make dinner. Our assignment was to make a 3 course meal, together. I am not even posting a picture of how awesome it came out because I don't want you to drool on your keyboard but let me just say...totes yum!

Anywho, we were all sitting around the table getting ready to sample what our hard work produced when Johanne and Jenny suggested we say what color or feeling what we tasted reminds us of. I thought this was brilliant on so many levels. I figured that it could also apply to a strokie's recovery. If you can't speak or move very well, you're always looking for an escape no matter how big or small. Taking power of your mind and what you just went through is so important during recovery. Often times, we can lose sight of that and allow ourselves to slip into a sad state. I myself have been guilty of such a thing and know just as well as anyone that you do not want to stay in that kind of a space for very long. So next time you're having a meal, try this:

As you're eating a particular food, it would be a great exercise to just close your eyes and really taste what's in your mouth.

What does it remind you of?
Does it have a color?
Does it remind you of a place?

Sometimes this brings us back to a fond memory we may have forgotten and when that happens, oh the possibilities of your imagination are innumerable. You could sit for hours and just rest on that memory. Re-live it. Taste it. Be it. Escape what ails you just for those fleeting moments. How would that work with your recovery? I bet it would put you in a delightful mood afterwards ready to tackle anything. Try it! You'll be presently surprised at what comes up.

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