Monday, January 14, 2013

Shortage of Stroke News

I follow some stroke tweeters in the hopes that they most new and encouraging news for strokies but lately I've found that the same news is being recycled. This could be for 2 reasons...

1. There really isn't any news to report.
2. They are repeating themselves for those of us who's memory's aren't up to par because of being a strokie.

I'm tending to lean on 1. We strokies need encouragement, like a kind motivational word of the day. Something to let us know that it can and will get better and if it doesn't, well it's all about learning how to live with our newfound superpowers (scars). Honestly, if I read one more tweet on how I should exercise and how recovery takes years, I'm going to---

So today, I'm offering words of encouragement and motivation for everyone out there who is having a tough time with your recovery or just having a rough day in general.

Listen to your body. We may not like what it is doing for us right now. It rebels, it has a mind of its own but through this entire process, we'll get to know ourselves better. Just think, you're going to have a better relationship with your bod than most people because you know how to listen to your body! Celebrate that. Talk to your body and remember, tomorrow will be better than today.

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