Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Your Eyes and the Cold and Stroke and BRRRRR

Anyone else have issues with their eyes post stroke?
Right after my stroke, I could have sworn my eyes changed. My glasses didn't seem to do their duty as well as they used to. I told my doc and she said that this will most likely get better as recovery went on and it has but in the winter...and I had forgotten about vision sometimes goes back to that weird limbo it was in before.
Today I had a moment where I forgot that that used to happen and thought I was going a bit crazy but then remembered that old man winter is a foul person for another reason.

Any of my other strokies ever experience this?


  1. I think I'm just strange. After we finally narrowed my double vision to a medicine, once I quit taking it, my vision actually improved....quite the conundrum! Most doctors give me that "huh" look.

  2. I LOVE that your name is The Queen of Brussel Sprouts! Very lucky that it was due to medication and you're all better now. Don't you hate it when doctors give you that look? Aren't they supposed to have all the answers???

  3. Had a hemorragic stroke at 52 that left me with doublevision and required my glasses to have a refractor lense added to them. Sucks without my glasses!