Thursday, April 24, 2014

Is It Worth The Risk?

Cigarettes have a warning on them. This product may kill you by heart attack, stroke, etc. We know the risks but what about the risks of marijuana and strokes? Everyone always talks about ganja being natural and not having any consequence. You can even get a prescription for it however apparently a little around 2% of folks who have used medicinal marijuana have had a stroke from usage. WHAT? While 2% isn't a large number, it's still greater than 0. Are we as strokies willing to partake in such things that have even the slightest of a risk.

Let's talk about this more. I mean, we may enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage, the glass or two of wine here an there but do we ever think of the risk? Mm, there might be a 5% chance that I am going to have another stroke if I have this Pinot. I never thought of risk taking in this way especially with things I used to do before stroke. The things you enjoy doing can now fatally harm you. Sleep...yes, having too little sleep can kill you if you're a strokie. Seriously. I laugh at this one all the time but it's true. Our brains need time to re-charge and rest. This is something I have learned to deal with the hard way being in Grad School. I haven't been getting much rest lately. Now I know that with anyone who doesn't get any sleep that the prognosis isn't good. We're grumpy, we hate everything. Imagine that being a strokie. Right now, it's 11:36pm, why am I not in bed? Why am I trying to hurt myself or put myself in danger (especially since I have crappy healthcare-thanks Affordable Care Act $651.21 a month) if I don't have to? Is the risk worth it? Do I want to end up back in the hospital because of a paper or play? No, Eljon. It will be there tomorrow. Just count Lovenox shots and go to sleep. This plays into the whole, take your time and breathe mantra. Easier said than done I know.

Have you encountered situations post stroke where you ask yourselves, "Is this worth the risk?" How did you deal with it? We all have our ways of dealing with these decisions. It's like having a little angel and a little devil on our shoulders....more like an Aspirin and a Warfarin tablet.  What do you choose? Is it ok to slip and risk once in awhile? I would love to know.

I'm going to sleep :) Be Well!

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