Monday, October 27, 2014

Affordable Care Act...But At What Cost?

I don't have a permanent job. I freelance. I temp. I have to pay for health insurance like so many of us. The Affordable Care Act was meant to provide QUALITY care to those in the same position as myself but it is failing. I pay over $500 a month for my coverage. For this amount, what do you think I get?
I should get a spa with my coverage. Mani pedis for free. A massage. No, for over $500 a month, I get to go to a clinic style office. I can't see my neurologist. I can't see my hematologist. I go to a clinic style office that isn't the cleanest. I see doctors who are "affiliated with ___ hospital" but I can't go to that hospital. Only two hospitals are covered in my plan. One in my borough and one in another borough where NO ONE dares go. I have to stay in the dusty musty not so clean clinic and pray I don't get sick from being in the room. I can't even see the doctor when I want. I have to wait months for an appointment to be with someone who doesn't know my history and asks more about what happened to me for selfish curiosities  than treating me.

Does this sound ok to you? Does this sound like what over $500 a month should get you or even $200 a month should get you or even ANYONE should get? Everyone has the right to clean places to be cared for. Everyone. Why is this such an issue?
My boyfriend went to see his new Primary Care doctor today. He was so excited to use his health care to be able to actually go and see a doctor and when he got there he was met with unsanitary conditions and even worse, medical waste gloves in the restroom in plain view for anyone to touch or take. What is going on here?? We're supposed to be getting better, living a healthier lifestyle but how can we when we can't even see people who will take our insurance? Hospitals like NYU are resorting to only taking corporate plans. I couldn't even see a doc there if I wanted to. Affordable Care Act participants shouldn't be made to feel like they are being swept under the rug. We pay more for insurance than people who are covered through their employment. Shouldn't we be treated like people too?

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