Sunday, October 5, 2014

Send Some Comfort To Tiny Strokies

Ava and her Mom Shana are starting a WONDERFUL new tradition. Ava suffered a bilateral stroke in 2013 when she was less than a year old. She is continuing to make progress every day and is growing into a beautiful little lady! Mom Shana is starting a strokiversary tradition to help other tiny strokies. If you know someone who has suffered a stroke, you know how important it is to feel soft comforting fabric against the skin. Please read all about it below and pass along to others who may want to help! Let's help turn negatives into positives!

Ava's Quilt
From Shana:

We've decided that we want to start a new tradition on Ava's strokeaversary every year and it all started with this quilt.
While we were in the ICU with Ava our nurses brought this quilt in to Ava. It was a quilt donated to the PICU by volunteers. It meant so much to us! Maybe handmade items don't mean as much to everyone but they do us. This sweet little quilt changed Ava's hospital room from a cold, scary, impersonal space to a cozy, inviting space.
That being said, we want to donate as many quilts as possible every year on January 14th, Ava's strokeaversary.
I would love it if all of you would join us! You have 3 months to whip up a little quilt of love to donate.
If you would like to join us, message me on 
Swim Ava Swim! and I'll give you our address to mail your quilt to.
Don't quilt? You can also help by donating to buy fabric or just mail me fabric!
I can't wait till Ava can deliver these quilts to the hospital so they may brighten someone's dark day.

You can learn all about Ava on her Facebook page Swim Ava Swim!

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