Friday, December 31, 2010

Evil Lovenox

When I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep and forget that I had to give myself injections twice a day.  I was terrified of having to stab myself in the stomach, I mean wouldn't you? Many talk the talk and say oh yeah, I could do this but when it comes down to it, would you really be able to?  It's a BIG needle!  Again, serious salutes to diabetics who have to do this all the time, I am amazed.

The first time I gave myself the injection at home, I sat for a long time just looking at the needle and trying to reason with it.  It always won in the end though.  I unwrapped the package and tried, TRIED sticking myself in one shot...epic fail, the needle only went half way in and I had to pick a different spot to stick myself.  Success!  Down went the meds into my tummy ending with a slight stinging and the dreaded needle was tossed safely into an empty milk carton that I would bring to my doctor once everything was finished.

My mom definitely saw my hard time and decided to bribe me with quarters in order to take the meds in one shot.  Yes, I'm that chicken scared.  She said I would get $1.25 in quarters (for my quarter owl, like a piggy bank but owl) if I could stick myself in one shot and .75 if in two.  If I did it in 3 shots I didn't get jack.  I have to laugh at my mom for thinking of this but really it is a genius idea!  For 5 days I tried to get this thing in with one shot and I think I managed to do it twice.  I ended up with a red spotted stomach for about the next two weeks and $4.00 in quarters.  I'm pretty sure mom felt bad and snuck me some quarters here and there.  But at least I would never ever (fingers crossed) have to give myself injections again.

Now it was on to straight Warfarin aka Coumadin.

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