Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Caused This Stroke?

The truth is...I don't know.

I don't know what caused this vessel in my neck to tear.

Some of the interns at the hospital McNerdy and McShy asked me if I had rough sex recently and I said no.  They again asked and said seriously, you can tell us, that may have caused this.  Again, I said thanks for making me feel that much better but no.  No rough sex. Wasn't caused by that.

It wasn't caused by the pill either.  Everyone keeps asking me that and I assure you, it was caused by that.  Although the pill does account for many strokes in women, in this case (for what seems like the first time), I am not in the majority.

The Neurologist said it could have been caused by me lifting something or even a quick movement.
I do lift a ton at work so maybe that's it or maybe it's from simply turning my neck too fast.

I just don't know!
...I need House.


  1. Hi Eljon,
    Met you a longtime ago. Stumbled across your blog. Believe that these doctors will figure it out. Stay Strong!


  2. Luv u Eljon! Keep being the amazing person that you are!

  3. Hey Eljon!
    I stumbled across your blog last night and read everything! I just graduated dental hygiene school and got married and I had the stroke on my honeymoon on September 28. Would you be interested in emailing me? I live in a small town and everyone that I've met that had a stroke is like 75+ so I don't have anything in common with them! My email address is


  4. Hi Stacy!

    I'll email you tonight. Looking forward to getting to know you :)