Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birth Control Pills And Stroke

Ladies, you should totes pay attention to these commercials that seem to be powering through our TV even more today. We've all seen them: Have you suffered a stroke from taking the birth control pills Yaz and Yazmin and Orthotryciclen and Nuvaring? 

Why does this seem to be showing up even more? I know we've been hearing more about strokes and women in the news but this seems to be a bit much. I'd love to see some statistics about how strokes in women have risen in the past 5 years with all these pills coming out. Again, I have to say to you girls, talk to your doctor AT LENGTH about birth control pills and the side effects. See if bc pills without estrogen are right for you.

And at last...
Why are birth control pills named after women?


  1. You make sense out of the most complex topics.

    1. Thank you Francis Beth. More people really do need to be aware of this stuff.