Monday, June 4, 2012

Things In Common

On Saturday I went to my best friend's brother's wedding. I got to ride in the limo with the parents since she was the maid of honor. After the ceremony, the parents and older friends of the parents stopped by the house for tapas before the reception. Everyone sat down and took off their shoes including me and did older people things like talk about "When I was a young man". Of course, I had nothing in common when they brought up things as this.

Then, after discussing World War II and the deficit, Coumadin and Warfarin came up. My ears perked right up. The mother of the bride was on it and had a ton of black and blues on her arm (remember, strokies bruise easily when on blood thinners). Then a couple of the other people chimed in talking about blood clots and things like that. Is it bad that I got excited about talking about experience?

The only one under 50 in the room chatting their ears off about Vitamin K and blood clots. Awesome! I hope I didn't scare them with my enthusiasm but I was so happy to be in the company of those who had been through something similar. They must have anticipated folks coming to the house on blood thinners because there was not one green piece of food on any platter in that house.


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