Friday, June 15, 2012

Flying After Stroke

With summer already in full swing, I have started to make some travel plans that require me to fly. While this is exciting in itself, I wondered if this would be safe to me. As it is, I will most likely find myself on a plane every 2 to 3 weeks until the beginning of August. Stroke victims have to be extra careful when they fly because of the risk of blood clots. This is called "economy class stroke syndrome". Mm, if I fly in first class, does this mean I'm safe? (rimshot-bad joke lol)

Folks should move around on long flights to make sure they don't contract this syndrome. The last thing you want on the way to some tropical place is to have a pesky clot go up your leg and to your hippocampus. If your calves or any other extremities are swollen after you fly, seek medical attention immediately! Risks for this can be reduced by drinking a ton of water, stretching rotating your ankles and taking a stroll up and down the aisle. You'll probably have to walk to the bathroom a ton of times after drinking all the water! Sure peeps will think you're crazy but I'd rather folks think that than have something happen to me!

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