Thursday, February 3, 2011

Be In The Know

In healing and recovering from this ischemic stroke (which I feel should have a name, anyone have any suggestions?), I have been doing a lot of research because the only thing more deadly than a disease that can kill you, is a lack of knowledge about the disease that can kill you. Knowledge is power.

We put too much trust in doctors, at least that's how I feel. We look to them as a sort of higher power, tell me what's wrong with me, you have all the answers, but the truth is, they don't. In fact, through this whole journey, I have come across pretty stupid doctors to the point where I questioned the medication they were giving me and wouldn't take it until I spoke with a pharmacist and got a second opinion from my primary care doctor.  I shouldn't have to do that but maybe I should, after all, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be well informed.

When I went to the Anticoagulation clinic for the first time, the nurses had me sit down and watch a video on Coumadin in addition to explaining it to me.  While I felt a little weird sitting in a conference room watching a video all by myself, I appreciated that they wanted me to have all the info I could get my hands on. They sent me home with packets of info and made sure I was comfortable with my new regiment.

I love CNN. Seriously, addicted to the news from there (I'm a weirdo).  I just saw that they have a section called The Empowered Patient which focuses on well, doing your own research and knowing what's going on with your body.  Everyone should read this, sick or not.

Knowledge is power!

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