Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bill Collectors Beware Of The Eljon

So NYU has been calling me like I'm an old friend these days wondering where all my payments are. 
Since I have been getting like 5 bills a day, I am a little slack in paying everyone off. I'll put a bill or two aside and get to it 2 weeks later, still in plenty of time to get to said bill collector so I get a little "miffed" when peeps call me asking where their dough is.

I treat it like a game now.  Yesterday *Liz called. She asked me about where payments were and instead of saying I mailed them, I asked her how she was and if she was following what was going on in Egypt.  She kept trying to get around that and was still asking for the bill money. I then asked her if she had seen any good movies lately.  She was really thrown and kept asking me about the money.  I eventually answered her but it really tickles me to mess with these peoples heads.  I think I'll do this from now on.

Hey, if you really REALLY want these co-payments, you may as well work for them :)

*Liz is not her real name.

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