Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just One Of Those Days?

Yesterday was a particularly bad day for my memory. I forgot a slew of things.

I went to the ATM and forgot my pin and stood in the bank for about 20 minutes trying all types of combinations. I stopped after the 4th time for fear that cops or something would show up and arrest me for suspicion or something. I still can't remember my pin.

Earlier in the week, I ordered tea after dining with a friend and two seconds later, couldn't remember what flavor I got.  I was very surprised when the waitress brought me peppermint.

I left my phone at home. I never leave my phone at home.  When I realized I didn't have it, I panicked and thought I lost it and was pretty much nervous for three hours until I got home and saw it in the charger.

I forgot to make an important call.  I forgot about something my Mom told me. I just plain left my brain somewhere else yesterday and everyone is telling me that it happens to everyone, that everyone has a day like that once in awhile and normally I wouldn't think anything of it but I had a stroke, I had a brain injury and I get scared.  I'm scared now.  What if it's not just one of those days? What if it's a sign of something else?  Am I losing myself?  I feel like it...but I could just be getting nervous over nothing.  All I know is that I feel pretty low about forgetting all those little things. Today should be better, right?  I mean, I remembered to write it all down today...that's good, right?

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