Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today, I Was Cinderella

I had the flu over the weekend, full fledged, 103 degree achy fevery flu and it SUCKED.  Not that the flu would ever be a good thing, but when you can't take anything but Tylenol for it, it is the worst thing ever.  The flu also took my appetite away so I didn't really eat much of anything until last night...big mistake when you're on Warfarin.

I had my blood checked today right before I went to my regular doc and my INR was crazy.  A normal read is between a 2 and a 3 and mine....well, mine was a 4.7...eek to say the least.  That would explain the feeling of dizziness, my blood was too thin.  While this was bad bad news, the solution was the best thing ever.  For today only, I was allowed to eat as much Vitamin K I could stand so my level would go back down.  It was like the nun was my fairy Godmother and I was given a pass until midnight.

So...I kind of went crazy. I had sushi for lunch and for dinner.  I had salad, I had spinach and 3, yes 3 cups of green tea.  I got nauseous from eating so fast.  I ate and ate until I was so full, I felt like you could roll me down the street and just like that, midnight came around and I turned back into a pumpkin who couldn't have sushi or green tea until further notice.  But it was everything I could have imagined it to be, how freeing, to be able to eat what I wanted, even for a couple of hours.  How happy...

One slight drawback's 1:00am and I'm wide awake...maybe I shouldn't have had quite so many cups of green tea.

Small victories :)