Monday, September 24, 2012

Docket 32357 At The Urbanworld Film Festival

Director Randy Wilkins, Me, Actress Ashley Denise Robinson,
Actor Kiel Perry, Actress Tara Gadomski
This weekend, the film I wrote, Docket 32357, made its NY premiere at the Urbanworld Film Festival. While I had already seen it on the big screen in Hollywood, CA at the Hollyshorts Film Festival, seeing it this time with my parents was a totally different feeling. My Father flew up from the Caribbean for it and hadn't so much as known what it was about when he stepped into the Theater. My Mom had seen it before but never on the big screen. Some of my friends were there and all these people made the experience very nerve wracking! I think I was more nervous for them to see it. Silly, I know but there is something inherently terrifying about showing people your work. It makes you feel so vulnerable. I even sat away from most everyone during the shorts block because of my shyness.

After the whole shorts block was done, cast and crew were invited up on stage for a Q & A session. We had done this in LA as well but this time, Randy encouraged me to mention why I wrote the story and to talk about the stroke if asked where the story came from. In LA, I was asked the same question and omitted the stroke part of it, I don't know why...So this time, someone asked the same question and I spoke about how the story came about and the stroke. While I was speaking these words, I wasn't completely aware of myself. I don't remember everything I said and I was even looking at the ground. Randy said as I spoke, some jaws dropped which is to be expected. Again, we're trying to bring awareness that even us young folk suffer from strokes. He also told me I spoke super fast! Haha, I'm pretty sure I just wanted to get it out.

I'm glad I mentioned it though. I should be proud of what I accomplished. I was able to write a compelling story in recovery and that says a lot. I'm pretty amped to go to more screenings at other festivals so I can talk about the experience again. Now I'm ready and I won't speak fast. I can do this! I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I lived to tell the tale!

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of the film! Hopefully it will be coming to a screen near you in the near future.

You can hear me speak to the audience about the film here

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