Monday, December 3, 2012

"Boy, you forget something new every day, don't you?"-Sophia The Golden Girls

With my 6 month tune up behind me, I can now look to the next 6 months with hope. My doctor is funny. She asked me what I had been up to and if I had seen the doctor. I said I was avoiding the doctor. She said oh ok, and wrote "Avoiding the doctor" in big bold print on my file. Ha! It was all in good fun though. She was just as happy as I am that things have been progressing nicely. I did have concerns over headaches I have been having due to usual stresses in life and with school but the good news is that I can finally go back to taking Advil for my migraines! I wasn't allowed to take it before but having the green light makes me super glad. As of right now, I was treating my headaches with just green tea and dark chocolate, you know, for the caffeine fix. I am still skeptical of taking pills because of you know but just knowing I have the option to take something else is a small comfort.

We are just waiting on my D-Dimer results to give me the ok. Those results should be to me in 2 weeks. I did mention the numbness I have on my right side and the doc said just what I thought, that I have the residual effects of the stroke. My brain and the nerve endings aren't gelling the way they used to I guess but I just look at it as a battle wound. Some people have scars on the outside, mine are on the inside. She asked if I had this last winter and I couldn't recall if I did. Stroke joke. She laughed knowing full well that I may not remember certain things last winter.

All in all, a good appointment. Here's to good blood results in two weeks!

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