Thursday, December 13, 2012

Taping Of The Takeaway With John Hockenberry

Yesterday afternoon, I had the privilege of being interviewed by the legendary John Hockenberry for his show, The Takeaway.  He is doing an hour long special on the brain the day after Christmas.  I am so excited that I got to be a part of it! I was so nervous and am super glad I didn't stutter. Thank you stroke brain. 

John asked me one question in particular that is still with me today. He asked if my stroke brain had a name and I just realized, it doesn't have one. I've named other body parts. For example, the jiggly bit that is my stomach is named Esther. My booty is named Judy so why shouldn't my stroke brain have a name? Normally, I just talk to her but don't address her. Wow, that is rude! Mm, what should I name her? Do you guys have any ideas? 

Another thing I am excited about is the wealth of knowledge that is going to be featured in this special on the brain. Scientists know about the brain but don't KNOW about the brain. They are tapped into it but are still learning as they go. I for one am giddy over hearing of other experiences people have had with their brain injuries. It really feels like I'm part of this community. Go strokies!

The special on the brain will be at 9:00am on December 26th.
For more information on The Takeaway, click here
A listing of stations where you can listen to December 26th's show is here

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