Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wait, I Know You!!

So last night I attended a Beres Hammond concert at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. It was my first time at the new arena and I was like a deer in headlights with all that was going on around me. Thanks to my cousin, I had a backstage pass and watched comfortably next to the sound booth.

As I listened to the smooth sounds of sweet Reggae coming from this man's lips, I kept staring at the cameraman on stage. On a break, he looked at me and gave me the head nod which I thought was polite. I smiled but I gave him that polite, I don't know you grin. I will chalk my actions up to being tired from the trip back home from the Bahamas and not getting enough rest. Anyway, about a half hour later, the cameraman's name came to mind. I know this guy, I thought. Suddenly all the details came flooding back and I felt so embarrassed. I immediately texted him apologizing. This wasn't someone I just met for one day. I knew this man. My face was red. I can't believe it took me half an hour to remember his name and everything about him. It was as though my brain needed a re-boot to scan all its files quickly and thoroughly. Apparently right before that, I was running on dial up! Just another small reminder of what once was.

But  I guess it is one step in the positive direction. At least I don't think everyone's name is Brian anymore. :)

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