Tuesday, March 22, 2011

H.O.P.E. For Stroke

http://www.hopeforstroke.com/ is such a beautiful, inspiring website filled with stories of survivors and support.


I was brought to tears reading all they went through.  If you are a caregiver, definitely go on this site.  You'll meet people just like you.  I know I am always talking about stroke victims.  I have to shout out the caregivers.  Your job is FAR FROM EASY.  Anyone who can have a smile on their face 24 hours a day while taking on the difficult task of taking care of someone else and not complain, not say a negative word should be immediately streamed towards sainthood.  You are the people responsible for making us feel better.  It takes a special person to do this.  Words can't express how much I respect you.

There are also touching poems and videos on hopeforstroke.  I'll close with a wonderful poem written by Linda Murray who suffered a stroke in 2009. 

Pocket of Rainbows
My pocket is filled with rainbows,
blue purple, and pink
pouring out on the grass
where people walk in their bare feet.
A storm is coming.
It turns the sky black,
reminding me of my stroke
so I reach to a cloud,
pull soft white paper down to cover me,
and push the stroke away.

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