Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm back, I survived, I'm not hurt, I did it!

Trinidad Carnival was great and as you can see from the pic, I was all smiles :) the entire time. I did have some challenges when I first arrived ie having to say no to some after parties so I could rest but I'm glad I was cautious!

I tried to sleep through J'ouvert. For those of you who don't know what that is, well, to keep it short, it starts at about 4:00am and continues to like 9:00am. You get blasted with paint, oil, chocolate (yeah I know) and come home, shower and then go to the parade route for rehearsal wining.  I passed out at around 10:30pm and was woken up by the entire apartment shaking from the bass coming from the music truck.  It seems that the J'ouvert route passes right by my cousin's house.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Here I was trying to rest and be a good girl and I had to stay up anyway because of the noise.  I dosed off after a little but was again woken up by a drunk man singing quite badly outside the door or window.  I ran up and down the stairs making sure all doors and windows were locked. That is the NY in me. So when my cousins got back from playing J'ouvert and saw me looking quite exhausted, they were pretty confused!

The parties were great.  I did have some slight hesitation with some people and recognizing them. If you're reading, as I told you before, I'm still a little slow with it.  I remember you, my brain was just making local stops!  I couldn't drink like crazy since I'm taking the baby aspirin...don't want to get stomach ulcers, and the great thing was that I now remember everything...EVERYTHING. That's a blessing :) So many people came up to me and asked how I was.  I got lots of hugs and well wishes and for that and for all of you, seriously, thank you :) I felt very loved.

On the last night of my stay, while in the back of a truck riding home, my cousin told me that now that everything was over, he could tell me that he was scared sh*tless that I was coming to Trinidad.  He didn't let it be known until then becasue he knew it would freak me out. I think he was quite relieved that I was leaving the next day so I wouldn't be in danger of whatever. 

I'd be lying if I wasn't the slightest bit scared. I was. Dancing and standing up for 5-8 hours a night can be a strain on anyone and for someone who is recovering...well, it's a bit risky, but I made it.  I feel stronger for it :)

Now, I am sitting here at my cubicle, peeling and falling asleep thinking about my trip and happy that  I took the plunge and went.  My entire body aches but it was worth it, the caution, the anxiety, the fun, the whole thing.  I'm back!

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