Monday, January 17, 2011

Animals Know...

I have a little mini pinscher chihuahua mix dog named Fiona.  I know I know, she has gargantuan ears...anywho, she plays a big part in my recovery.  As I'm sure you've read, pets are very therapeutic and often used in hospitals to cheer patients up.

My dog did just that.  When I slept, she slept.  She would curl up next to me and just be.  I could sleep for hours during the day and she wouldn't bring me a ball to throw or a toy to play with, she would just lay with me.  Pets know when you're sick.  I'm convinced they know.  While they can't speak, actions speak louder than words.  Sometimes she would just stare at me with her big bug eyes which kind of said to me "It's ok, talk to me.  I can't speak back, but I can listen" and so I did.  She is a fantastic listener.

Nowadays, I know she knows I'm getting better because she's bringing me toys that squeak and licks my face.  Even though I sometimes don't think my progress is going at a good rate, she does.  And really, who am I to disagree with that face? :)


  1. Awww, Fiona is taking care of you! And pets definitely know. I've read articles dogs trained to warn their owners when they are about to have an epileptic seizure, and cats that can tell when someone is nearing the end of their life, etc. Animals are smart.

  2. Ok, first off, if a cat did that to me, I would freak out! Wouldn't you? I would constantly watch it crosseyed scared of its reaction. Oh gosh, is that the look, ahhh help, I'm going to dieeeee! Lol.

  3. When I was in hospital after my stroke, my parents told me that my dog would wake up (when she was sleeping inside) to the slightest noise, wondering if it might be me coming home. She also stopped going downstairs (where my bedroom was) while I was in hospital, because she knew I wouldn't be there.