Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Pill Box Is Kind Of Amazing

Because if you're going to have to take pills, why not be stylish doing so?

I have had this thing for years.  It used to hold my vitamins (what I would give to be able to take a vitamin!) and now it holds my Warfarin.  I can't even remember where I bought this thing but it's just as well. I like to look at it as something divine.  No one knows where it came from ooooohhhh.  Haha.

A beautiful little box to hold something I don't particularly like taking.  Yes, life is a pill indeed.  If I don't take you, I could get another clot and you know how that goes.  Life is a pill-if I take you, I can live.

Everyone who has some kind of affliction where they have to take something everyday should have a stylish pill box.  It helps bring a smile when thinking about your current ish.  Same goes for medic alert bracelets.  If you have to wear one, bling it out! Go on with your sick bad self. Go...on... :)

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