Sunday, January 2, 2011

MRI MRA Potato Pohtahtoe

Happy New Year!

So I got my second MRI/MRA since the stroke this past Thursday and am anxiously awaiting the results.  If you haven't gotten an MRI, trust me, you aren't missing anything.  You're in a long tube for about 45 minutes and you can't move.  You're in the most stylish of hospital gowns and you get a fierce needle sticking out of one of your arms.  Then you get contrast (the fluid that makes you cold down to your bones) injected into your iv.

The highlight of this whole thing is that they put the iv in my left arm.  I didn't know I had an iv option so now I'm enjoying that my right arm doesn't look like a heroin addict's anymore!  Yay, small victories.

What I am hoping that this test shows is that I am healing well and that I can fly soon.  I asked the technicians if  I could see a pic of my noggin and they showed me but by law they can't tell me what is what so I was just oohing and aahing at stuff I had no idea about!

The technicians now recognize me and were like "weren't you just here last week?". Sure seems that way right? I peaced out of there and said that I didn't really mean this in a mean way but I hope I never see you again. So now, I wait.  Whenever I go to the doc or the anticoagulation clinic, they know me by name now.  I feel kind of important, like some kind of celebrity.  Oh, did you hear?  Eljon is coming to get her INR tested today! I even get a lollipop or a piece of candy now when I go in.  I am now the Diddy of blood.  (Holla)

Let's hope good news comes my way on Monday regarding all this stuff.

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