Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clove Helped Save My Life

Clove helped save my life.  The itty bitty little spice used to perk up ham, saved me.

My dad knows a lot about spices as he lives in Grenada, the isle of spice and knows about every bush, tree, plant, and flower there.  I have TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder-pain in the jaw when chewing) and something as small as chewing gum hurts.  Now, out of respect to my fellow man, I didn't want to walk around with death breath so I asked my father if he could recommend a natural something or other to chew or have in my mouth and he recommended clove.  So he sent up a big bag and I started to suck/chew/play with clove in my mouth.  Soon I started giving everyone clove!  Hey, have you heard about clove? Try it, it's good.  I became a clove addict and it's a good thing I did.

Clove is also a natural blood thinner!  All this time I was chewing clove, I was actually helping myself.  I think about how thick my blood could have been if I didn't chew on this miracle spice and I can't help but think there was someone else watching over me.  I could have had a worse stroke...and that's scary.  So let me pass along some information that may save your life or someone you know.  Clove is a great breath freshener.  It's great for toothaches (natural painkiller and antiseptic) and can help if you're having a heart attack.  Just have the person who's afflicted bite down on it, it's just like baby aspirin.

So I'm not as bad as I could have been and it's all because of clove. Just more proof that everything happens for a reason.  Every...little...thing.


  1. what if i smoke it?
    i kid, i kid.

  2. I actually have TMJ as well, and I know exactly what you're talking about. I am SO trying the cloves!

    Thanks Elly & Uncle Carl!

  3. janice lol yes if you smoke it you'll definitely feel relaxed lol. YES Roxie, try eeet :)