Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Miss...Sushi

Dear Sushi,

Oh seaweed, how I adore you.  Without you, sushi is just sashimi, miso soup is just soy broth.  You MAKE Japanese food yummy.  And I miss you...Why do you have to be so high in Vitamin K? Can't you just not be so K'ish so I can enjoy you?  One roll?  One small soup?  Let's compromise...if I can eat you and be ok, I'll give up...something.  All for that soy sauce soaked goodness that is a cucumber roll.

All the Asians in my neighborhood mock me....I have two Sushi spots on my block! 2!  You expect me to survive without saying hello every once in awhile?  Is this a trick?  Stop trying to trick me into loving you again!  Please, this is hard enough as it is.  I have to go now, I'm starting to salivate.  Goodbye for now.  I know we will meet again soon.



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